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Unlicensed Therapy
is an exciting, dynamic, and interactive Classic Rock, 80's, 90, little bit of Country, and Today's music cover band for your marquee events and parties. We're experienced fun-loving musicians intent on providing you with a rockin', rollin', and dancin' good time!
Forget the trip to the drugstore...

"We're Your Prescription To Rock!"


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We're at...

Blarney Stone Irish Pub

April 19 2014 — 9:00 PM

8906 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA
(916) 988-0985


Dec 31 - New Year's Eve Party at Jan's Lounge
Nov 15 - Jan's Lounge
Sep 27 - Jan's Lounge
Sep 13 - PJ's Roadhouse
Sep 6 - Laughs Unlimited
Aug 29 - Private Party: Wedding!
Aug 23 - Crystal Basin Cellars
Aug 15 - Jan's Lounge
Aug 9 - The Purple Place
Aug 2 - Private Party: Luau!
Jul 12 - PJ's Roadhouse
Jul 5 - Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill
Jun 28 - The Couch
Jun 27 - Jan's Lounge
Jun 13 - Trocadero Club Roseville
Jun 7 - Elk Grove Sports Bar
May 31 - The Couch
May 10 - Referee's Sports Bar & Grill
May 9 - Country Club Saloon
May 3 - Jan's Lounge
Apr 19 - Blarney Stone
Apr 12 - Private Party
Mar 29 - PJ's Roadhouse
Mar 21 - Jan's Lounge
Mar 15 - The Couch - Brandie's Birthday!!
Mar 7 - Junior League of Sacramento Annual Crab Feed
Feb 28 - Opera House Saloon
Feb 21 - Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill
Feb 1 - The Couch
Jan 24 - Jan's Lounge
Jan 11 - The Blarney Stone

Dec 31 - The Couch- NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!
Dec 14 - PJ's Roadhouse
Dec 13 - The Opera House Saloon
Dec 7 - The Couch - 100th gig bash!!
Nov 16 - Jan's Lounge
Nov 2 - The Couch
Nov 2 - North Natomas Regional Ball Park Grand Opening
Oct 27 - Creekside Community Fair
Oct 26 - Private Party
Oct 19 - Jan's Lounge
Oct 5 - Private Party
Sep 28 - The Blarney Stone
Sep 14 - Gingers in Roseville
Sep 7 - The Couch
Sep 6 - PJ's Roadhouse
Aug 31 - Jan's Lounge
Aug 23 - Stars in Vacaville
Aug 11 - Guest Appearance at the Crest Theater
Aug 10 - Private Party
Aug 3 - The Couch
Jul 21 - Private Party
Jul 13 - Crystal Basin Cellars in Camino
Jul 4 - Private Party
Jun 29 - The Couch
Jun 22 - Jan's Lounge
Jun 8 - The Couch
May 25 - Ginger's in Roseville
May 25 - Wedding Reception!
May 17 & 18 - Almond Tree Lounge
May 4 - The Couch
Apr 20 - Almond Tree Lounge
Apr 13 - The Couch
Apr 6 - Private Party
Mar 30 - Cheers in Vacaville
Mar 1 & 2 - The Almond Tree Lounge
Feb 23 - The Couch
Jan 26 - Ginger's in Roseville
Jan 12 - The Couch
Jan 4 & 5 - Almond Tree Lounge
Dec 28 - Dillian's Bar & Grill in Lincoln
Dec 21 - Cheers in Vacaville
Nov 24 - The Couch
Nov 9 & 10 - Cheers in Vacaville
Nov 3 - Ginger's in Roseville
Oct 27 - Lido Bar & Grill - Halloween Party!
Oct 13 - The Couch
Oct 5 - Louie's Cocktail Lounge
Sep 8 - Private Party
Sep 1 - The Couch
Aug 31 - Cheers in Vacaville
Aug 25 - Private Party
Aug 11 - Lido Bar & Grill
Aug 4 - Private Party
Aug 3 - Stars in Vacaville
Jul 14 - Ginger's in Roseville
Jul 14 - Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services Race for the Ring @ Raley Field
Jul 7 - Private Party
Jun 9 - Ginger's in Roseville
May 19 - Orangevale POW WOW DAYS
Apr 7 - PJ's Roadhouse
Mar 17 - El Camino High School Crab Feed
Mar 10 - Lido Bar & Grill

Dec 16 - Private Party for NWN
Nov 12 - Private Party for Cameron Ranch HOA
Nov 5 - El Papayago Restaurant - Esteban Nava for Mayor!
Oct 29 - Lido Bar & Grill - Halloween Bash!
Oct 8 - Cell Energy Inc
Oct 1 - Hacienda Grill, Brewery & Sports Bar
Sep 24 - Private Party
Sep 9 - Private Party
Sep 4 - Labor Day Block Party
Aug 27 - Lido Bar & Grill
Aug 6 - Private Party
Jul 16 - Private Party
Jul 9 - Lido Bar & Grill
Jun 10 - Jan's Lounge
May 14 - Lido Bar & Grill
May 12 - Orangevale POW WOW Days
May 6 - Folsom Sports Garage
Apr 9 - Lido Bar & Grill
Apr 8 - San Juan High School Fundraiser
Mar 5 - El Camino High School Crab Feed
Feb 26 - Lido Bar & Grill
Jan 29 - Lido Bar & Grill
Jan 15 - Private Party

Dec 11 - Lido Bar & Grill
Oct 30 - Lido Bar & Grill
Sep 18 - Wedding!
Aug 28 - The Blue Room
Jul 31 - Laughs Unlimited
Jul 6 - Harmony on the River, Riverwalk Park
Jun 19 - Laughs Unlimited
May 28 - Private Party
May 15 - Orangevale POW WOW Days
May 8 - Laughs Unlimited
Feb 13 - Private Party
Feb 6 - The Blue Room

Oct 9 - The Blue Room
Sep 12 - Woodland Stroll Through History, Railroad Depot
Jun 12 - The Blue Room
May 5 - Private Party

Latest news

Brandie's Birthday Celebration at The Couch
March 15 2014
Brandie nailed it!!! Unlicensed Therapy was honored to help Brandie and Justin celebrate Brandie's birthday in style! Brandie joined us on stage to sing her favorite hits and totally punctuated them with her strong voice and personal style. You ROCK, Girl! Justin put the icing on the cake (literally) with kick-A jewewlry and a first-class birthday cake! Wish the couple great times in Paris this week! Woot!

Halftime Bar & Grill
February 21 2014
Awesome night at Halftime bar and grill (Strikes) !! Thank you all for your support!!! We have a blast because of You! Thank you Lynn from for donating the Kings tickets and doing the drawing at our gig!!! We are honored!!

The Blarney Stone
January 11 2014
Unlicensed Therapy had an awesome night at The Blarney Stone Irish Pub last night!! So much fun!! Thank you all for coming out and supporting us, the Blarney and live music!! David Pedroli, Rebecca Brassfield, Chris Lorman McIntyre, Denise Jones, Chris Jones, Bryon Scott, Ron Corbett, Heidi Rhees Perry, Don Perry, Danielle Finnegan, James Facchini, Marlo Arsenault, Janet LaPerle, Robert Strebel, and all who brought friends and are not on Facebook!! You are awesome - appreciate your support!! You made it an awesome night!

The Couch
December 31 2013
WOW!! What a party!! Unlicensed Therapy was the house band at The Couch for a ROCKIN' NEW YEARS EVE party! Can't thank Justin and Brandie, Brian, Albert, Nathan, Jenn and everyone else enough for hosting such an awesome event! And the birthdays--our favorite hostess, Jenn, top fan Don, and Kaitlin. Happy birthday!!

We are excited to announce we are rebooked at the Opera House Saloon on Friday February 28th! Save the date!!!

Opera House Saloon
December 13 2013
The Opera House Saloon in Roseville rocks! Great dance floor, awesome bar, and fantastic people! So many great friends came out tonight thank you so much for your support! Denise Jones and chris! Lori Becker Dougherty and Terry, and friends Rebecca Brassfield, Mindy Radke, Sheri Murphy, Sheri Whitaker Bomhoff, Heidi Rhees Perry, Julie Perry, Jay Lawrence, all of you that brought friends we appreciate you all so much!!

The Couch
December 7 2013
Our 100th gig celebration! What an awesome night!!! So many great friends came out to celebrate with us!! We appreciate all of you!! Wouldn't be where we are without you and your support!

Jans Lounge
October 19 2013
GREAT time at Jans! We laid it down for wild dancin' crowd that never slowed down! Thanks Chris--and BIG CONGRATS to Chad for his new little baby, Noah!! Woot!!

Lynn's Hangouts scores an interview with John at Jan's Lounge — new video!

Blarney Stone
September 28 2013
Welll that was a kick-ass show! Blarney Stone patrons are a rockin' and rollin' and country lovin' bunch! You guys were aweseome! And thanks to the staff for making us feel right at home!

BIG NEWS! Unlicensed Therapy will perform our 100th gig on December 7th at the Couch Sports Lounge!!! Mark your calendars for this special event! More news to come...

Crystal Basin Cellars
July 13 2013
Thank you to all of you that made the trip up the hill to check us out at Crystal Cellars Winery!!! It was awesome! !!! We appreciate you! If you weren't able to be there, you missed Teri in top form using the entire area as her playground! Picnic tables? Planters? She was up on 'em belting out the tunes in style! Thanks to Crystal Basin Cellars for having us. You guys made us feel right at home!

Lynn's Hangouts nabs an interview with Chris at Jan's Lounge — new video!

The Couch
June 8 2013
What a great night at The Couch!! Thank you to those who came out and those who didn't, you were missed! The new songs went well, so excited to add them! Thanks to the Staff for always making us feel at home! And special thanks to Hollie for keeping us "hydrated"!! Rockin' that UT t-shirt, girl!

Lynn's Hangouts interviews Fred at The Couch — new video!

May 25 2013
UT had the honor and privilege of playing for Eric and Angela'swedding reception on the patio at Gingers in the afternoon. Congratulations you two! May you have a lifetime of happiness and good time!

And then...

UT was back on the patio at 8 o'clock to surf some waves and rock our favs! Thanks to all our fans for coming out, and the folks who heard us and came out from the bar to get their dance on! The patio was the place to be!

Lynn's Hangouts caught us at The Couch — new video!

Demo is out!
HUGE thanks to D.Michaels for turning Rum B Gone Studios into a real live recording studio, and making us sound good! Click on the link in the menu bar to get a taste!

Lynn's Hangouts interviews Scott at The Almond Tree!

The Couch
Feb 23 2013
Awesome show at The Couch! Great crowd, loads of dancing, and two birthdays! Huge shout out to the Couch staff. You guys always make our gigs there a great time!

Lynn's Hangouts interviews Teri at Gingers!

Fan feedback

612 FB Likes and rising! Our fans rock!

Matt Lipford of Radio Heavy is Unlicensed Therapy's 600th Like on FB! Dude--you ARE the quintessential 600th fan! And a drummer to boot! Thanks for supporting us, and may your band rock the casbah!!

Roxyrific  Always a good time with Unlicensed Therapy - cant wait for my next shot of therapy seeing you guys!!!!

Danniel  So much fun! You guys rock!

Heidi  That was the BEST New Year's Eve party I've ever been to!! That was soooo cool you played I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night!! You guys rock my world!!!!

Lori  This was such a fun night! You guys ROCK!!! Teri you are a super great singer and entertainer! We are definitely fans now:)

Lauren Wright is Unlicensed Therapy's 500th FB Like! Thanks Lauren, and all our AWESOME fans!

Brian  "I love this group! Rock on!"

Jeff G.  "Unlicensed Therapy OWNED that place (THE COUCH) Saturday night.... wow. Great time."

Ryan "We had a great time last night you guys are awesome, you played all our favorites, you have 2 new fans!"

Carla "You all should be ashamed of yourselves if you were not was awesome...."

Shelley "Just wanted to thank you all again for being so friendly, welcoming and interactive and providing great music for a friend's 50th birthday celebration. Teresa had a great time, as did we all! I'm sure we will be back again for more great fun. :-)"

James F. "You guys rocked last night! I will definitely be out to see you again!"


DW Keating – professional trumpet, French horn, vocalist and Louis Armstrong Tribute artist: "Unlicensed Therapy..You Rocked..Country and more the night away. I'm a new fan..Until next time be safe and entertain..We had a Blast! peace"

And Dennis had more to say!...

"I moved out here from Vegas a yr n half ago.. lived and performand there since 85.. unlicensed therapy is as good or better than some of the lounge acts!"

Thanks for the AWESOME words of support, Dennis! Fans like you make what we do sooo worthwhile!

Janet LaPerle makes it 350 likes on Facebook! Thank you, Janet! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Laura B.: "You guys rock! We had a blast and will definitely be back for more and will tell our friends!!!"

Lynn: "What a rockin great time last night! We made a lot of new friends and danced our you-know-whats off!!"

Justin (owner of The Couch): "This is the best band we've ever had! Make sure you come out for their show."

Tiffany: "Well, last night was a BLAST! Unlicensed Therapy ROCKED the house and my legs are still sore from dancing. THANK YOU Teri! We really appreciate the FAN-tabulous show you put on."

Eric: "You guys get better every time."

Alicia: "You guys ROCK! Love u :)"

Julie: "You guys ROCKED THE HOUSE last night!! It's a great place. And LOVED your new songs!! Cant wait for more..."

Carla: "You guys are so awesome....had a great time tonight!"

Melisa: "Great night last night - you guys are awesome!"

Matt P.: "I've seen a lot of different bands and U.T. definitely ranks at the top. You guys have a personal touch that makes people think you are performing just for them. Your energy is contagious and it's obvious that y'all are having a great time! When the band has a great time, so do the fans!!"

The drummer's sister: "Unlicensed Therapy rocks, Bro'! Get me your band's logo and I'll put it on my racecar!"